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This system is based on work done at Nexleaf Analytics and is described in detail in two publications (Send us an email and we'll send you a copy!):

Ramanathan, N., Lukac, M., Ahmed, T., Kar, A., Siva, P., Honles, T., Leong, I., Rehman, I. H., Schauer, J. & Ramanathan, V. A cellphone based system for large scale monitoring of black carbon. Atmospheric Environment 45 (2011) 4481-4487.
Ramanathan, N., Khan, B., Leong, I., Lukac, M. Comparison Between Elemental Carbon Measured Using Thermal-Optical Analysis and Black Carbon Measurements Using a Novel Cellphone-Based System. American Geophysical Union 2011, San Francisco, CA.


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